So….. what’s next?

After a lot of work, I’ve finally released what has been my biggest project so far, the Spore ModAPI. I had been wanting to release it for a while, but now it’s done… what’s next?

As you might have seen, this website is mostly about two things: Mods and Modding Tools. I rarely create mods, and if I do use, generally their objective is only demonstrate the capabilities of a certain tool. And since I don’t plan to make any other big modding tool, I don’t plan to do any other mod to demonstrate it neither.

I do have a project for a mod (only one), however; but it’s still only on my mind and, for now, has 0 chance of success, so it will have to wait more.

Wait until when? This next mod will have to wait until we have more possibilities to develop; that is, when we have better modding tools. So that’s the next objective: modding tools.

The first thing I want to improve are the SporeModder Blender Add-ons. Right now, they are very problematic: animations often break, morph handles are hardly controllable, building/vehicle parts can’t be exported, and it’s not very user-friendly. That’s the things that are broken, then there are the things it lacks: support for shape-key animations, importing existing models, and custom materials.

After the Add-ons are completed, I will move back to ModAPI. There are still lots of things to add support to; if I’m honest, there’s not much you can do with only the ModAPI (that is, without using reverse engineering of your own). So you should expect more updates in the future that expand the possibilities of what modding can do in Spore.

And of course, nothing of this is useful if nobody knows how to use it; therefore, we are going to make more tutorials on this site. If you don’t want to miss any update or tutorial, don’t forget to subscribe; we won’t send you any spam 😉

4 thoughts on “So….. what’s next?

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    1. Hi, Ruben
      You can create a Shortcut to the launcher. If you right-click on the shortcut and click Properties, in the “Destination” field, you can add parameters like you would do in normal Spore. To change the language, add ‘-locale:en-us’ (or whatever language you want) at the end.


  1. Nice one, I really like the Spore ModAPI! I will try some things 🙂 What about creating a multiplayer mod for Spore? That’s the most requested feature for Spore and could be the one item that could revive it. The game is fantastically, but singleplayer gets boring after playing some tons of hours ^^


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