The ModAPI Development Kit 2.0.0 is out!

After a long time of development, the new version of the Spore ModAPI Development Kit, which allows you to create mods for Spore using C++, is finally out!

As of this day, no other person has used the ModAPI SDK for creating mods, and the reason is clear: it was way to complicated and there was no way to know what you had to do. This update adds many features and most of the old code has been rewritten, making it a lot easier to use and understandable.

And in order to make everything simpler, an online documentation has been created, which includes tutorials and small examples (those can be found in the “Related Pages” section):

These are some of the features that this development kit includes:

  • Models: It is possible to display and transform models in the game.
  • Effects: This update allows you to use effects in the game.
  • User interface: The ModAPI includes lots of classes and functionalities that allow you to create user interfaces from the code and interact with them.
  • Game modes/cameras: A key feature of the ModAPI is the ability to create new game modes (and their cameras) which can be controlled with the mouse and keyboard.
  • Properties and resources: Working with .prop files (using them to read/save information) is supported by the ModAPI, as well as interacting with .package files and everything they contain.
  • Cheats: The cheat console is supported in the ModAPI, allowing you to create new cheats and print text to the console.
  • Detouring: Detouring is an important feature in the ModAPI which is used to “redirect” (i.e. change the code) of Spore methods. Most methods that are documented in the ModAPI can be detoured.


Now, is this the last update? Yes and no. It is the alst big update, but I plan to release small updates which add support for specific features in the game (for example, one would be for editors, another one for the creature stage, etc). But for now, you can start playing with the ModAPI!

The download link is in the same page as always, Spore ModAPI.

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