Spore ModAPI

This new modding tool allows you to do something never done before in Spore Modding: PROGRAMMING! With this, more advanced mods are just a matter of time.

WARNING: the ModAPI requires:

  • Galactic Adventures: Galactic Adventures.
  • 1.05 Patch: 1.05 Patch (aka asymmetry patch) or greater.



This launcher is required to run the game with mods that use the ModAPI. To use it, just download the file, unzip it somewhere safe so you won’t forget or mistakenly delete it, and execute the “Spore ModAPI Launcher” file. (Launcher Icon Small).


Additionally, it comes with two other utilities: the automatic installer and uninstaller, which, together, make installation and removal of mods easier than ever!


Easy Installer Icon EASY INSTALLER

With the Easy Installer, mods are just a few clicks away! Just run the Easy Installer and choose mod file you want to install.

Two formats are supported: .package (existing mods) and .sporemod (bundled ModAPI mods).

Using it is very simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Download the mod you want to install.
  2. Execute the Easy Installer Icon Small Easy Installer.
  3. A file chooser will be shown. Find the mod file you want to install, select it, and click OK.

And that’s all! This tool can install most common mods, even those that don’t use the ModAPI; don’t forget, however, that to have the full functionality of ModAPI mods, you must run the Launcher Icon Small Spore ModAPI Launcher!


Easy Uninstaller Icon Red EASY UNINSTALLER

While the Easy Installer is great for getting your mods installed, maybe you’re having trouble with one, or just want to revert to vanilla Spore for a change. The Easy Uninstaller is there for that! Just choose the mod(s) you want to uninstall from its list, and it’ll take care of everything else!

Warning: This only works for mods installed using the Easy Installer.


Want to develop mods using the ModAPI? Here you can download the Development Kit that contains everything you need:


There’s an online documentation which you can check for information and tutorials: http://davoonline.com/sporemodder/emd4600/SporeModAPI/index.html

Using it is pretty simple. Inside the Development Kit there is a project template for Visual Studio. If you use it, you will be able to create projects for ModAPI with everything configured.

To install the template, just paste the file “Spore ModAPI Template.zip” in the folder:

My Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C++ Project

(instead of Visual Studio 2017, use the folder with your version).

Now, the next time you create a new project in Visual Studio, you can choose to create a ModAPI one:


WARNING: Take a look at the Location property when creating a new solution. In order to make the configuration work correctly, you must place your solutions in the ModAPI Development Kit folder.


5 thoughts on “Spore ModAPI

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  1. the launcher won’t start…
    processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ
    RAM 16GB
    system type 64-bit x64 processor
    OS: Windows 10 (insider preview)


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