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ModAPI Development Kit (for mod developers)


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  1. the launcher won’t start…
    processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ
    RAM 16GB
    system type 64-bit x64 processor
    OS: Windows 10 (insider preview)


  2. Ok so im trying to install a mod, but it says that “the mod [mod name here] could not be installed. the requested operation requires elevation”
    So what does that mean “Requires Elevation”


    1. have you downloaded mods with the easy installer (yellow one). after that you go on the launcher (blue one) and it will start spore with the mods.


  3. Whenever I try to run the launcher, my Norton Antivirus automatically flags it as dangerous and deletes it. How do I fix this?


  4. Your Spore ModAPI Launcher has a virus in it and so I can’t install your mod. Very frustrating. Do you have any mirror sites for downloading it?


  5. I got past using the easy installer to install the dark injection mod, but when I open through launch the mod wont work, when I exit the game it says “only part of a readprocessmemory or writeprocessmemoy request was completed” can someone inform me what I might have done wrong/how to fix it?


    1. I don’t know why the ModAPI launcher gives that error. I get it too. What works for me is to just launch the game thru steam. I still get Dark Injection. Hopefully this works for you.


  6. So… I tried to open this on Steam, but it didn’t really worked. So I wanted to change it to Origin, is there any way of changing where it opens it? Because when I try to open it on Origin, it just opens Steam. So I think I have to change what place it opens the game.


  7. I keep getting an framework error each time when I try to launch Spore ModAPI launcher. I am using Spore Origin verison.
    Anyway to fix this issue?


  8. So… I appear to be the only one with this issue.
    When running the launcher SETUP, normally and with administrator privileges, when clicking install, the installer crashes. Is there an alternate way of getting an installation?
    I don’t know if it matters, but I’m on Windows 10 and using the Steam version with GA.

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    1. I am having the same issue have you found a way to get it to work?

      I really love spore, its a great game, but i want the Dark injections mod installed so i have more to work with, + having an infinite complexity meter is just a heavens blessing.


    1. I’ve just updated the Setup program. Try downloading a fresh copy and installing via that, let me know if that helps.


  9. It’s not a package file anymore, it’s an .exe file. And whenever I confirm where I want to install the mod the window just closes down. A folder is created where the files should be installed in, but it’s empty. I have tried disabling both my antivirus and windows defender. No luck. :/


    1. The Spore ModAPI Launcher Kit isn’t a mod, it’s a set of tools for installing and using mods. In any case, I’ve just updated the setup program, so try downloading a fresh copy and install through that. Let me know if that helps.


  10. If there’s anyone left who can help me answer that. I have not started ModAPI (tried with modded Dark Injektion and without mods). All I see is different Windows with errors.

    P. S. I Have Windows 8.1


    1. If still there is anyone who can me help the help to answer. I do not run ModAPI (tried with the dark Injection mod and without mods). All I see is different Windows with errors. How can I fix this?

      PS I Have Windows 8.1


  11. Whenever I try to use Spore ModAPI, it will glitch and open hundreds of command prompt windows, error windows, and often game windows too. I use Origin Spore, do I need to run the launcher in administrator mode or is it something else going on?


  12. i havnt been able to download the modapi, just loads for a while then tells me there was a problem redirecting me to the download page


  13. Hello. I have one problem. On my very old computer Spore mod API was working, on new computer I dowload Dark Injection, I lunch and it’s not work. What is the problem ???


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