INFINITE COLORS: Enhanced Color Picker

Does Spore not have that one color you wanted? Tired of having awkwardly-grouped brightness/saturation variants? This mod is for you!

The numbers are clear:

 SPORE  735 colors
 THIS MOD  16777216 colors


That’s 22826 times more colors -> Infinite Colors

This mod uses the new modding tool, Spore ModAPI. Therefore, it requires:

  • Galactic Adventures: Galactic Adventures.
  • 1.05 Patch: 1.05.0001 Patch (aka asymmetry patch) or greater.


Using this mod is very simple, just follow some steps:

  1. Download the Spore ModAPI.
  2. Download this mod here:
  3. In the “Spore ModAPI Launcher” folder you downloaded, execute the Easy Installer Icon Small Easy Installer.
  4. A file chooser dialog will be shown. Find the “SPORE MOD – Enhanced Color Picker.sporemod” file you downloaded, select it, and click OK.

And we’re done! Now, to use the mod, don’t forget you have to run the Launcher Icon Small Spore ModAPI Launcher!!

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